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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Insomnia o_o

Order mooncakes from Pos Malaysia and Poslaju will deliver them to your doorstep. Brands offered: Tai Thong, Citra Purnama, KLT, Lian Xiang Lou.

Because I'm bored, lets make fun of Pos Malaysia lol. The promotion is a riot XD;; Recently I ordered a few sachets of masks and some bottles of rose toner, the package arrived at my doorstep opened, wet and the plastic bottles containing the toner were squashed. Thankfully none of the items were missing but my point is, if they can't even take care of a small package what more for a box of mooncakes =A= and it's FOOD.

Lets play along and and think of the possibilities that could happen to the mooncakes 8D. The box could arrive horribly dented, mooncakes squashed if box is from cardboard, or mooncakes mysteriously disappear.

This promo reminds me a lot about the collaboration of KitKat with the local postage service in Japan. KitKats were available at the postage center and people can just purchase the KitKats and write a message to the recipient in the area provided on the box so the receiver gets a box of KitKats together with a nice heartwarming message <3

On a more positive note, this is a chance for Pos Malaysia to prove themselves. Based on my experience, I can say 90% of my packages arrived safely. 1 got lost in the piles of endless mail, 2 a bit damaged and 1 got horribly delayed (and it was a parcel worth RM300, I was on my toes for that whole week). Mostly were clothes so it's almost no way it could be damaged XD;; while the 2 packages were my facial products and FreeBra. The box of the bra was horribly knocked out that I can't bear to sell it off due to it's state x_X. I never dared to send out products like my Manly eyeshadow, I do insist on meeting my buyers cuz I hate to answer to them if the item arrives damaged.

Here goes to Pos Malaysia, hope they improve their services and tell their postmen to be careful with parcels particularly D= We're paying extra here!

Honestly, this is just a random post because I can't sleep and I wish to do something productive. Eventhough it's just a useless ramble, it's better than Facebook-ing. Now I flop on my bed as my parents wake up >_>

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