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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Travelling Miles To See Miles

Saturday I was away on a one day trip to Bentong. The place is quite small and very near Bukit Tinggi, a 45 minute drive from Cheras. The travelling part wasn't that fun as the road was going uphill and downhill, winding left and right @__@ so didn't take long for me to get sick.

Besides eating till our hearts content, our main reason for going to Bentong is to visit the ex-principal of Taylor's College, Mr. Ted Miles who took care of my dad when he was in the college. Mr. Miles is now retired and living alone in a house located roughly 5km from Bentong. The sole reason I tagged along is because there were rumors that it's haunted and someone died in there before haha.

His dogs: Sherry (left), Zara (not in pic) and unknown dog on the right haha.

Oh, did I mention alone? I guess he's not really alone as he has 3 dogs and 2 cats in his house =D The moment we stepped out, we were greeted by his super friendly dogs, okay only 1 greeted us while the other 2 just stared D8. Zara greeted and jumped all over me so it was difficult to take a picture x_X

In the house, we were greeted by a fat fat fat fat fat cat! *o*;; So chubby and squishable. Got this pic just in time before it scuttled away to sun bathe on the window sill.

Fat cat is FAT <3

A lot of these chests lying about in the house, imagine how many bodies we can stuff in.

The books here are only the ones you can find in the red spot section at the library @_@

Super old desk at his reading room.

Everything in the house is super old and can cost a fortune if he auctions them. Jared would've absolutely loved the place and I can picture him squealing and running around like a little kid if I bring him there lol.

Then of course, pics of nomnom =D

Yam basket

Japanese tofu

Chicken cooked Thai style

Then before we head back to KL, made a pit stop to Bukit Tinggi to see what's so good about the place. The climb to the Japanese garden is horribly steep.

Steep slope up. Around 300m according to the board and my bro had to support my mum from the back or else she'll topple over and roll down the slope =.=;;

Nice view =D

The place was so effing crowded with jakun people. It's humans at every nook and cranny D< All of them were crowding at the houses to see people changing into kimono's wtf. My yukata looks prettier >3< *gets smacked* I was disappointed as I came up to take photos of the scenery and this is what I get =A=;;

The ONLY photo with no tourist inside...

Then we headed to the French village...

As usual it's filled with people but I don't mind since it's like a town-ish atmosphere and it'd be weird if it's deserted.


This place looks nice for a Romeo and Juliet photoshoot.

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