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Monday, August 31, 2009

Ipoh Mali Mali~

In a nutshell.... it was a total disaster cuz the traveling ruined my mood a lot =A=. Parents used the trunk road to save money so the driver went thru the super winding one way lane making me feel so uberly car sick during the journey. Reached Pusing for lunch. The spread:-

A lot of stuff in there @@;;


Then we dropped by one of the cake stores with an AMAZING portfolio HAHAHAHAHA. The pictures will explain *sniggers*

Omg this is so liek Jared's ideal cake ahahahaa

The tiramisu cake we ordered~ very very nice but not worth carting it home from Ipoh. All those photos are taken from their photo album portfolio which they show to the customers ahahah

I didn't get pics from dinner cuz the food looked so yellow in the photos thanks to the lights, bill came up to RM200+ o_o. There was some Taichi club anniversary at the same time but it looked like some memorial service cuz the deco looked so gloomy ~_~


Nice to start the day with coffee~ (or tea in my case lol)

and Chee Cheong Fun~ *drools*

Right after that, it was lunch at Tasek wtf. The lace is famous for their roast duck and 'siew yoke'.

So hard to take the pic cuz the sauce was reflecting the light =A=;;

The char siew was good =D

Dinner at Rawang at some random roadside stall.

Har penggggg!!!!! and fried dumpling! XD I miss this crap!!! <3

More stuff we ordered

All this for 5 people including 15pcs of dumpling and prawn stuff, the total was only RM36 *_* dirt cheap~

Body's feeling totally stiff after last night, another reason why I hated the trip this time.

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