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Friday, September 4, 2009

After 14 Weeks..

The bubble bursts!

Initially the rant was so long until it overshot 600 words then I decided to just put a summary... In short, this bitch who dared to tell me that I'm high and mighty and worse than her has pissed the whole group as she has been very passive throughout the whole 14 weeks. Whenever we consulted a lecturer, she shows no sign of participation and continues FB-ing and MSN-ing right in front of us. Whenever we gave her tasks, she comes back (no, we actually have to ask for it..) performing under our expectations. She was asked to read up on 3 case laws, she only read one by the end of the week.

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick! (I've always wanted to say that after Gwen did haha) I'm amazed people like this are still here =A=. My life is a living nightmare thanks to that bitch and I hate to imagine how Kel and Kong are coping. Our group of 4 is producing an output of 3 instead D= which is just bad BAD BAD! With assignments like Web Page Design and 3D, we need all the help we could get and what has she done so far?! Close to nothing and she dare to make herself look like the victim. I wanna sacrifice my grades just to slap her and watch her cry!!!

Thank god we're at the last hurdle =.=

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