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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Review: Garnier Pure Self-Heating Sauna Mask

When King first gave me 2 sachets of this mask, I was intrigued by the self-heating factor. This is the first time I've come across a self-heating mask so I didn't waste any time and tried it on Friday X3.

The mask warms up as it comes in contact with your skin, opening pores and deeply cleanses your skin leaving it purified for up to 7 days. Suitable for most skin types with active ingredients like Zinc, White Clay and Cucumber.

With only 6ml in it sachet, it's just enough to cover my face =D. There's no strong smell from the mask which is a plus in my book. As I applied onto my skin with a face brush, I could feel the mask starting to heat up XD;; The good thing about this mask is that you only need to leave it on your face for 3 minutes. This mask is good for people like me cuz once I face the comp with the mask on, everything is forgotten D8 so instead of peeling my masks off after 20 minutes, I peel it after 40mins or so! Another thing I love about this masks is that it rinses off easily compared to other clay masks that I use!

I've been raving about how good the masks is but what about the result? After patting my face dry, I took a glance in the mirror. My T-zone is redder than usual =( suffice to say my face felt uncomfortable during the whole treatment neither did it felt purified when I washed the mask off. I shall give it one more chance next week D= but for now I'll go back to my Tea Tree from D-mask first x_X

Life updates in next entry.

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