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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Review: Liyanshijia Freezing Fresh Pore Mask

Innovative freezing cells combined with mint from a "Freezing and fresh film" on the surface of skin instantly, give skin fresh and freezing feeling, mulruple exquisie pore essence ingredients can rapidly active the cells of bottom skin, exquisite pore and improve the dry and rough phenomena of skin, specially added the chesnut fruit moisturizing essence directly infiltrate into the root of corneal layer, protect the water contents of self-skin. Skin will be no longer dry but will be watery and look smooth always.

I bought a couple of masks a few months ago, just never had the time to use it. The thought of wasting 20 minutes of doing nothing but lying on my bed and waiting for my skin to absorb the mask is just torturing when I could use that time to read up on blogs. I've also been taking extra time to stare at the mirror and check on my face condition and to put it in short, it looks like the moon D8. Uneven skin, large pores, and blackheads =.= Most of the beauticians told me that my skin is dehydrated around the cheeks and oily at the T-zone so I opted for this mask during my purchase.

Upon opening the packet, I faced the first problem of unfolding a fragile mask soaked in gel-ish substance =.=. I think I tore the mask a little at the forehead area. The pore mask smells of the Olay or Hazelina cream my mum used to use all the time, a mild dewy scent and it covered more than my face XD;;; So then comes the challenge of lying down for 20 minutes of doing nothing @A@.

The mask gives my face a nice cooling mint-ish effect. Feels like someone slathered toothpaste on my face XD;;. After 20 minutes (and I was close to falling asleep too!), I removed the mask and there was a lot of excess on my face @w@. Took 2 tissues to removed the remaining gunk off and applied a little moisturizing essence onto my face. Overall I loved the effect it gives, great to fight off the nasty weather lately *_*b and my cheeks looks hydrated (for now HAHA!).


  1. Hiya. I think you're suppose to massage the excess gunk into your skin. That's what I did anyways. :P
    Take care. :)

  2. Yeah I know but somehow it takes ages for it to absorb and I just lose my patience XD;;