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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Daily Grind + Review: Tea Tree Rubber Mask from D-Mask

Someone told me "my life isn't as interesting as yours". I'm flattered that people can tell me my life is interesting but honestly, I think everyones lives can be interesting which is why I stalk other blogs a lot. It's how they describe their lives that makes me interested =D

This is gonna be another backdated entry cuz I was too lazy to extract photos from my camera. Expect low quality photos in this post =(. The study wave hit us last week after an endless cycle of assignments, one after another. This semester there's been tons of assignments that don't contribute to our coursework marks except for the major ones. Every week there's bound to be one or two submissions x_X.

In preparation for exams! Yes there's milk and cookies there XD;;

Hah! Got my facial set at last! XD I've been delaying this for too long.

Facial set bought at Yokoso!, Sungei Wang for only 9.60 (after 20% discount XD) to try out the Tea Tree Rubber Mask from D-Mask mixed together with Rose Toner. My first time meddling with mask in powder form and it wasn't a really good time x_X. I applied it on my face while the mixture is still pretty diluted. Note: leave it for 10minutes to let it thicken >__<.

The results were pretty good, my face looks awesomely cleared and cleaned the moment I washed off the mask but the effect was only temporary hahaha! There was less redness and the acne scars on my nose faded, this is still noticeable even after a few days XD. My personal recommendation is to mix it powder with the Rose Toner or milk + few drops of lemon to drown the smell of the mask powder >_<

Tomorrow I have a date~ =D and tomorrow comes another review too~

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