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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Goodies Of The Day~ 8D

I am super happy with my freebies haul today! 8D It was worth sneaking the car out, looking for parking for effing 45mins (my record is 2 hours during J Card day) and running all around MidValley. Parked at the North Court and ran to Guardian at the Center Court to redeem my mask.

Montagne Jeunesse mask~ =D Redemption coupon from Cleo Sept 09. I love the packing and the names just sound so uber delicious *_* They sell mostly face masks but they have other head-to-toe pampering products~ *o* Do have a look, the price is quite affordable and it's really worth the try. Guardian is selling the face masks for RM4.88 and this week they're having a promotion buy 2 free 1 and buy 5 free 2.

Then went to redeem my Vichy stuff but they ran out of stock and ask me to check back next week D8 so rushed to Metrojaya, South Court to redeem my Clinique stuff.

All mineeeeeee 8D The consultant is wonderful enough to give me the 3-step skincare gift set :3 and the pressed powder. Thank you Clinique and Fiza~~~~ CF please rope Clinique as sponsor, screw Majorlica! *gets shot* Since they organize workshops, visit colleges often *looks at Silvy* plus the friendly service *o*b high chance they might consider TT__TT (I think? ahhaha)

Yes I finally got my hands on this *_*b *ditches her other Garnier moisturizer* The other Garnier moisturizer doesn't suit me as it's in cream form.

Nice gel form and has a mild apple scent =D

And there's more freebies to redeem this Sunday!

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