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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lucky 50, Za Pure Shine Lips Review

As mentioned before, I'll be going for the Lipstick Exchange Programme by Watsons XD. For today, gave out the new Za Pure Shine Lips (limited to 50 pcs per store! *_*b) that contains natural moisturizer and vitamin E. I was one of the last lucky few to get the lipstick.

The queue started waaay before 12 and I arrived at 12 sharp XD;;. Crazy line I tell you, the first few people were old ladies, old enough to be a grandma =.=;; and there was an UNCLE in the line too =A= wonder who's the greedy wife =P. There were only 2 left after I took mine X3.

My new lippie~ The design looks terrible honestly D8. Super shiny surface with the lid and body in 2 different colors but I like the box =D

The shade I got. I'm surprised they provided a few colors for us to pick =D and again I was lucky as when it came to my turn, there were 3 nude colors out of the 4 remaining lipsticks left :3

As promised, it does moisturize my lips =D and there's no chemical smell from the lipstick which is a extra plus for me. The only thing I'm not happy about is the color =P, it's very light so the color is much lighter than expected, almost like sakura pink-ish.

Add on: okay that was just for the first layer, after another 1-2 layers, the color looks much better XD;;

Tomorrow's target: Maybelline, Estee Lauder, Lancome and Origins 8D

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