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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boost Of The Day

This is a pure shot wheatgrass served to customers with a slice of orange. Jimmy force fed me this on an empty stomach and it was on a riot and doing jumping jacks throughout the day x_X. It taste really decent and mildly sweet at first but leave a pungent aftertaste and then it starts to mess with your stomach few minutes later which lasts throughout the rest of the day.

Yep it's my first day at work and I'm happy to say I'm clicking quite well with my colleagues. They're a bunch of laid back guys and one of them is a banana 8D;; So much temptation working at the bar area as there's plenty of frozen fruits and yoghurt to make a lifetime supply of desserts for myself XD;; The recipes are... interesting too. Most of the smoothies just require 1-2 pieces of blueberries which is the size of some ear wax >_>;; I tried the mango smoothie with a hint of green tea and it's really awesome =D

3.04am: erk fell asleep and woke up to 2 gifts on my PC. One from my aunt and one from my mum's friend, both are Cecelia Ahern books and The Gift is one of them! *squees* Woke up to find that my eye is swollen for some unknown reason so I have less than 3 hours to bring the swelling down or else I'd have to cancel work. *rushes off*

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