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Friday, September 18, 2009

How Was This A HAPPY Day?

1. Semi-major break from exams.

Finished my third paper today and the last paper will be on the 23rd *goes on a semi-partying spree.* Finished the paper within record time and rushed to Pantai Medical for my yearly eye check ups. My power is stable now which means I'll only need to come back once every 2 years hooray! The cafeteria was renovated.

Looks very nice after renovation =D

Price shit expensive wtf!

The food looks delicious lol. Do they serve this to the patients too?! 8D;;

2. My eyebrows have been tamed!

After my check up, I realized I still had time to make a quick detour to KL Sentral. Lucky to find a meter parking spot *o*b and rushed to my beautician TwT9. The last time I had my eyebrows thread was before Shana's wedding and now they're back to a nice thin arch~ /^o^/ Hopefully I can maintain them :3

3. Awesome freebies~

Finally, to MidValley~ Still had plently of time so went to Metrojaya to redeem some freebies. The SA at Estee Lauder was very helpful! Thank you, Rianne :3 I came to find out what is so epic about the ANR but they ran out of freebies in almost every branch (I went to 4 branches to try and redeem this). Instead of shoo-ing me away, she introduced me to some new products and even gave me some samples to take home :3

Her recommendation for my skin condition :3 Am writing a letter to Suria Meriang right now XD, writing another one to Kiehl's too. Yes I don't only write complaint letters lol

Redeemed the new Lancome perfume =D

Super cute way to promote perfume! <3 Benefit's Cresent Row

4. Embarrassing myself for the second time of the week.

Hmm it should be the third by now XD;; I forgot my purse in the car and I went to buy the tickets for the movie @A@;; So I was turning my bag upside down hunting for it then realized I left it in the car *sigh* so I had to rush to my car in Gardens =_=;; That wasn't very embarrassing compared to what I did in Carefour. Again it involved me leaving my purse in the car and I didn't notice till I had to fork out money to pay the cashier OTL and there were people in line waiting to pay TwT..

The queue when I first came.

And when I came back WITH my purse TT__TT;;

5. Meeting my old 'twin' after so long

Yes finally met up with Joanne after ages. We knew each other since the days we sneak to our 'hiding place' and talk, play masak-masak, Barbie dolls frenzy, cockroach woes and all that shiz. Hoho yea that was ages ago. Went to watch UP today =D yes I know I'm darn left out. Surprisingly, a lot of people I know have yet to watch UP >_<

6. Crying to a beautiful movie

UP is just... wonderful *sniffs* I cried at the first 20 minutes. The scenes I cried to:

  • When the bird looks so stressed up carrying those dangerous babies ;_; it's in such a sad condition.

  • The cloud emo-ing ;___;

  • The bird didn't give up and never left the cloud's side!!! TTATT

  • Carl and Elie's love story TAT

  • The numerous times he nearly lost his house

  • And when he lost his house too

  • The scene of the house beside Paradise Falls!

Oh my, that's a lot XD;; and I'm tearing from just typing the scenes I cried to ;__;


End of happy things lolz. After the movie, we went for some cake at Delicious.

The Chocolate Banana Cake she ordered.

The layers look really good but the cake was kinda hard and a tad bit too dry and the banana's are just to big >_>;; After that nice day, came in some stupid heavy traffic jam. My journey from MidValley back home took 2 HOURS. Apparently, 2 trees fell near my area which caused the massive jam. Long post is long, and I still have some other stuff to post =/

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  1. what ???
    this food is cheap wei

    never come to france ! it costs a kidney to go in restaurant T_T