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Friday, October 2, 2009

Penguin Walk!

October crawls in which means it's officially the start of my 3 weeks of semester holidays and also.... 2 MONTHS before the submission of my first draft. Argh feels like I got slapped in the face as realization slowly sinks into my skull. First week of holidays are already used to clear some stuffs so this Monday I'm hoping to hit the library to accomplish 1-2 chapters. I'm just too darn lazy to squint at my advisor's doctor handwriting.

My 2 new books XD Presents from my aunt and mum's friend.

The week has been awesome with work and hanging out with Jared. Suppose to go to some screening at Actors Studio but heard KL was jam packed after some tremors so our plans were cancelled. Instead, we spent the night watching a chic movie and cleaning out wax >D. I wish it was wax used to wax Jared's feet but it's candle wax haha.

Work has left my body aching which is just sad since it's only been 2 days of work. We had to peel 2 boxes of oranges everyday and you'll be grateful for that job if you're someone as small as me x_X. Skinning pineapples and scooping frozen yogurt is a torture. Some stuff is placed on high places and the juicers are big D=. Well I'm certainly not complaining about the rest of the crew. They're all a bunch of very easy going people. My hands and legs are aching that I have to walk like a penguin for the next few days >w<.

Teri dancing with Sophie~

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