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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Life and Other

Starting my post with a cat provides me with inner peace *gets smacked*. That's what I need for the weekend =( Will have to work this Saturday but thank god my manager is understanding enough to let me off the weekends for the month of November. I really enjoy work but after giving out the wrong drinks to a few people, having the jugs topple on me and breaking a plate in a span of 2 days, yes my mood went down the drain for the rest of the week.

Social Life
Hurrrr someone dissed me about not keeping in contact with him for months and then shoved a survey up his nose XD;; I admit I haven't made any attempts to keep my social life on MSN active. With the amount of events, work and assignments I attend to, I hardly talk to people on MSN. I talk to an average of.... 4 people out of the 300 contacts on my list. Sad me yeah but I'd really like a conversation without it dying after 15 minutes so if I'm not confident enough to keep the convo going, I'll normally wont chat D8 so hit me.

Yesh I've been attending events lately. The perks of signing up for random crap you don't remember doing haha. The downside is you'll have to endure them trying to sell you their packages and some of them really do hard selling and one of them is Marie France Bodyline >_> I was cornered and thrown into a cell then the consultant shoved me with their Open House package. Next week attending Dermalogica's launch of their new range which is catered to the younger people~ aged 15-25.

Uni Related JackShit
To say my uni life is so-so would be an understatement of the century... The day I say that would be the day I hack myself to death. My advisor is really being a pain as I have a few chapters with him which hasn't been approved. I have never been so grateful to purchase some book which I thought would be useless. Some journalist linked my area of research to the agenda-setting theory which is explained in the book, hooray~ The place is just full of simpletons and two-faced people. I guess I can stand two-faced people but the other... *facepalms* I think some of you guys have seen how much they lack...

Love Life
This is for Sylvene lol. I feel like we're drifting apart with our schedules and his marriage to his boss. As much as I'd like to be obviously upset, it won't solve anything so... meh. Bertahanlah aku.

And I ban you from dating me wearing this shirt. It's not a matter of whether I'm embarrassed or not. The shirt is just unfit to be worn out >_>

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