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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Separation of Life and Reviews

I've decided to separate entries about my life and my reviews. It feels more organized to me. The whole week I had a black cloud of thunder hovering over me. Honestly to me, backstabbing is the least of people's problems as much as they hate them. I for one don't give a fuck about people backstabbing me. In fact, I'd love to see what stupid stories people can come up about me. If you're one of my close friends and you take whatever people said about me to heart and you start to evaluate me based on what a stranger says about your close friend, I suggest you gtfo now. I trust you of all know how to differentiate between right and wrong.

What I hate the most is people forming their own conclusions without confirming with the main source. It's a pity you do not understand the sole reason I'm upset but you don't care as long as you've already got what you want don't you? You don't even have the balls to come up to me and confront me. Instead, you think it's better to spread it around as a joke. Well, it's a plus point I'm making people laugh I guess. 

On another topic entirely, what are the chances of changing my car hon to something as loud as those big lorries or tankers? I'd like to have one D: cuz I think the current sound of my honk is just like having a kid squealing to adults to move aside D: Car's don't take me seriously TwT and it got me pissed when they cut me and not moving any faster =A= I was having this bitchy attitude the whole day honking at any car/lorry that annoyed me.

Today I also witnessed something that can put all humankind to shame =( I saw this blind man crossing the road and another sighted man just walked past by him. He even GLANCED behind and there's no mistake he saw the blind fella but the sighted one just kept crossing the road omg... I was stupid to have just sat rooted in my car thinking that guy will help him cross the road. Thank gods the motorcycles on the zebra crossing moved aside, it'll hurt like a bitch if his leg touches the exhaust pipe. 

Will be going for the Dior launch event, so at least I'll have something happy to blog about together with Bio-Essence review.

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