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Monday, October 12, 2009

Beauty 9 Expo Injury

I've never been so heartbroken and happy at the same time TT__TT. I made a spontaneous decision to go there many thanks to Sylvene and Kikyo showing me their hauls D8. Total spent: RM200+ I didn't know there was a second hall and I already spent RM100 in the first hall so I practically went ballistic when I stepped into the second hall as it has all the make up and hair care stuff. I wish I was a rich bitch ;w;

This hall.... takes the cake! So many make up booths and I found my Naturactor foundation for an awesomely bargain price 8D. Got a very decent pair of make up brushes too :3 and a good face scrub for my skin. After 21 years of living, I'm finally using a face scrub >3<. The rest of my haul is all face masks, face masks and face masks. Thanks to Joanne for sharing some with me TwT I wouldn't know how to finish all those by myself ;w; Pics are still in her camera so I'll just sit tight and wait as for now =D

The breakdown is:
Collagen Crystal Face Mask - RM10, 4pcs
Collagen Paper Mask - RM25, 10pcs
Tea Tree Acne Rubber Mask - RM15, 500gm
Make Up Brushes - RM50, NP: RM100
Naturactor Foundation - RM45, 2 shades =D *most worth buy*
Polynia Exfoliation Face Scrub - RM79, buy 1 free 1

It's maggi for the rest of the month ><, been ages since I've starved =(. I honestly didn't expect to throw self-control out the window and spend this much *sighs*. Looking at the stuff I bought, it'll benefit me in the long term that's for sure.


  1. alrd told u before u go.. hahhaaa..