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Monday, October 19, 2009

CandyliciousCat's Giveaway

Hello pipol~~ *kisskiskiss* I'm having this small giveaway to thank you wonderful people for reading my blog =D Should've done this when my blog was 1 year old but it didn't cross my mind. There's 3 sample packs to be given away and each pack has one of my favorite products *o*. I've tried dividing the samples equally so hope you lucky people will like it :3 Each sample pack has 2 masks and 4 other samples ranging from skin care to cosmetics to perfume. I shall not reveal what's in each pack 8D just to be fair.

So... if you want those goodies all you got to do is email me at genjo_sanzo88@yahoo.com with your name, contact number, shipping address and tell me what do you like about this blog of mine XP. Giveaway shall run until WEDNESDAY and I'll pick the best entries X3. Oh there's a condition once you've won the stuff. You'll have to review at least ONE of the products in the sample pack. It doesn't matter if you email me your review, blog about it or put it on Facebook notes as long as it's a review. Reason for doing so is because I won't have a chance to try these products myself and I'd appreciate it if you could give me your review about it. Hey I won't even mind if you tell me about it through MSN.

Lastly, thank you all for reading my blog this past 1 year ;w; and terribly sorry for the men XD

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