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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Of Peeling

As of today, I've given myself the title Junior Master of orange peeling D: Third day of my work and I can catch up to the rest of the crew at peeling oranges. Today we had 2 cartons of oranges which is close to 200+ oranges if not mistaken D: Thank god they were done by noon with 2 of us to peel. I notice my skin has started peeling as well =( not sure whether it's the sanitizer at my workplace since I encountered the same problem when I was working at Starbucks but as for now *rubs Garnier mousturising essence* until I can buy Crabtree's hand therapy cream.

After work, I went to redeem my Clinique and BodyShop samples. I'm very grateful to the sale assistants for treating me darn well despite my attire x_X. Alex from Clinique was exceptionally helpful, I'm starting to think all Clinique SA's are awesome 8D. Wanted to redeem my Anna Sui perfume sample and Bobbi Brown foundation sample too but it was 5pm and I wanted to get home before the jam starts.

My Clinique eye cream sample. I love the casing =D

My Tea Tree mask sample from Body Shop. Might try it tonight =D


  1. so nice I not get sample yet as last time I went they say dont have yet :(

  2. Hi Sherry, thanks for visiting =D Which sample were you talking about? Clinique or BodyShop? XD

  3. ho the body shop :) theres one in my city
    damn expensive.... and as i said they give samplesonly to people who bought stuff..

    BUT they always have a table with flowers burning outside, and a bowl of one prduct
    ur supposed to be allowed to try but who would go in the transport with a mask ?? " wait wait its not dry, cannot remove !" =_=

    anyway i should go check and ask samples " for my grandmother, its her bday and i dont wanna just buy out random think u see.. " ( it works except if the shop is crappy fuckers who wanna make munnies

    ps : i like the makeup trials at some store, my friends go there on week end morning to gettheir face done xD

  4. Oh wow I should use that grandma excuse too 8D *jots down*