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Monday, October 26, 2009

Launch Hairy Birthday Makeover!

Because I have no better title to give for this entry XD and to make it sound more wrong, I've removed the commas and surprisingly the title somehow makes sense lol! 

My Saturday started very early around 9am. Had to wake up early for the Dior launch at KLCC. I'll post a much more detailed report once I extract the pics from Audrey's camera but overall, the launch was good =D There was a makeover session for all of us with refreshments included thanks to San Francisco Coffee Malaysia. The perks of going to a launch? Door gifts and very kind SA's =P

A set of Dior's HydraLife skincare range.

and a 4ml Dior Iconic mascara I won from a lucky draw =D

After the launch, I rushed to Jonathan's house to pick Jared's spares which could last him a lifetime. Just kidding... they were only rambutans =D Met his dog too which is a fat bundle of joy.

Fatfat girl <3

Didn't manage to get my assignment paper back since I couldn't stop molesting the dog and Ezel was calling ;w; so rushed to MidValley for a superbly late lunch with Ezel and his sekret date. Delicious is officially overrated to my tummy now =/. I've only ate there 3 times but I find the food just so-so. The portions are small and might get you bitching the moment they serve it but they're very filling. I was surprised at how full I was after eating my miserable slab of lasagna. 

Plenty of time before our movie so I dragged Jared all around MidValley looking for my crap XD;; Yesh and we finally watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs X3 which was a very filling movie XD;;; Before we left, went to the Estee lauder roadshow for my touch up HAHA! Awesomeness for having 2 makeovers in one day XD

Road to Bangsar was effing jam but we made it with free parking~ Dinner was..

New York Fish & Chips at Fish & Co., Bangsar Village I

For RM10.90, this dish is damn worth every single cent =D cuz it's fish stuffed with cheese~ An average Fish and Chips at those coffee shop stalls already costs RM9.90 onwards. Pics of Masako's birthday is in Audrey's camera sadly D:

CLEO November 09

Some interesting freebies/offers I found in the magazine =D

  1. Anna Sui Rock Me perfume redemption is still on so grab a copy and flash it to their selected outlets and get a sample plus a fragrance consultation (wtf)

  2. Vichy Bi-White essence and night cream samples. Just cut out the coupon and redeem. It's the same offer as last month's issue =D

  3. Dermalogica Clean Start trial pack. Yay something new~ Another cut-out coupon and redeem at AsterSprings or Leonardo Drake outlets.

  4. M.A.C Rocks Fashion workshop. Hur, a very affordable workshop limited to only the first 25 people that sent in entries complete with payment. It's not too late to sign up as the magazine only came out yesterday =D Entry fee is only RM30 so go try your luck if you're a M.A.C fan =D. I don't think I'll be joining since my face hasn't really agreed with M.A.C's products so far.

  5. Mabelle Travel Size Cleanser. Cut-out coupon~ Don't know the brand so will probably do some research on it first before I redeem it. Kinda far =/ as their outlet is in Sunway Pyramid.

  6. Montagne Jeunesse. Yes they're giving out samples again, wonder what I'll get this time =D Really hope it's not another face tonic XD

Yes this is finally a proper update of my day TwT9

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