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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My New Love~

Hai~~~ I'd like to announce my new lurve~~~ <3

*screams* Dress from Envee TwT

It's another tunic! The turquoise one I saw last week had the bubbly effect which I hated but the material and color is gorgeous. This is exactly what I'm looking for =D Chffon. Flair. and no bubble effect! *kisses*. The dress comes with a hefty price tag though =.=;; RM189 the fark... and the bubbly one is only RM139, from the same shop too I might add D8. If it weren't for Coffy, the money from grandma would've been long gone by now. I know I can find this kind of dress at a cheaper rate >_> and the dress sold at Envee is too long for me anyway so please look out for any dresses similar to this guys! *_* Thank yew~

Today I feel a sense of accomplishment, guess that's cuz I started working at 8am then manage to get my mini top hat, yay to Tropicana Mall.

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