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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rotten Luck

*huffs* It's one of those days where everything just fucks up. This is one of the unluckiest days of the year =_=;; Started off with the DBKL clinic being an ass by refusing to reprint my Typhoid jab card. Don't know what shitty info they told my mum cuz seemingly she spoke with one of them and they said it can be reprinted for RM1. The trip wasted since it I had to make a detour from my journey to PJ =.= then the usual epic jam on the federal that never cease to end. The roads are jammed 24/7 =A=.

Then previously last night, my computer decided that it's a great time to go ZAP and restart! Teri said it might be overheated which I suspect the same =( I'm glad the laptop served me for 3 years+ with no problems *hugs her lappie* please be okay ;w;

After my consultation with Mr. Raduan, drove to SS2 to have lunch with King and exchanged movies and doramas. Now at least I have a few movies to catch up to. Left the place early since thought I'd pay Jared a visit and that's where the next 2 disasters happened D8. My specs went missing, either crushed by a car or stolen by the workers at Hailam Kopitiam and I banged my car against some rat ass double parked car so I did what every existing good-natured citizen would do...






Okay no I didn't exactly run away, there was just no place to stop the car to check the damage cuz the whole stretch of road is double parked by idiots so I stopped at the next corner and got down to see. Thankfully not a scratch but now I'm as blind as a bat when driving and gonna have to fight for the PC with my brother =w=;; I did look at my rear mirror and saw the guy coming out to check the damage on his car @w@.

Of course my entire day wasn't made entirely out of crap. I do appreciate all the blessings that happened... or ALL THE FREEBIES I GOT 8D. Dropped by some opening of a shop selling beauty products in Jaya One. The shop is managed by an old man and his son mostly selling Korean cosmetics and skin care products. Currently, walk-in customers will received a flyer which entitles you to redeem a free collagen face mask (NP: RM3.90). They have quite a wide variety of masks catered to women of all ages and 1 mask particularly for the men >D.

Masks I purchased. The store had a promotion, buy 1 free 1 so bought 4 masks all together + 1 free mask from the flyer redemption. The mens mask is missing since I gave it to Jared.

Got an extra BB cream sample from him =D and yes the shop's name is The Hayan =)

Wahaha the jewel of the day. There's a print on one of the first few pages of MYC magazine. Flash the print and receive a 3pc starter kit XD. The box looks like a pack of green tea @A@

In the box, under all the pamphlets, wrapped in fragile paper lies these cute 3 bottles~ The lotion, mask and pore serum 8D. Dang I have yet to start using my Laneige pore kit which was redeemed in April/May.

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