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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Review: Bio-Essence Eye Bag Vanishing Mask

An intensive mask specially targeted to treat sagging and puffy eye bags, wrinkles and crow’s feet.In just 1 mask, visible initial results of firming and lifting of eye bags can be seen. Regular usage can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and crow's feet. (ginvera.com)

My first impression of Bio-Essence was that it catered to old women D: but I soon discovered myself holding a combo pack of the gold and silver bottle of Bio-Essence on my right arm and the receipt of my purchase on my left. This happened 2 years ago when I was worried how I'd look in photos when I cosplay, so out of fear, I went to purchase this. Shit expensive like duh but I heard many good comments about this product especially if both essence and serum used together. The masks came in free together with the combo pack. 

What caught my eyes immediately was not the brand nor the mask name but the claim of visible results after the one mask. I've been dying to post my review on it but stuff kept coming up XD;; I tried the mask last Saturday since I had 2 makeovers in one day and I thought my eyes could use some pampering after all that make up. 

I felt some tingling during the 15 minute treatment. It's a change compared to other masks but the million dollar question is whether is there visible results after the first try =D After I removed the mask and massaged the remaining essence onto my face, took a look at the mirror and saw my eye bags have slightly reduced =D Didn't bother to check more as I was darn sleepy x_x but I can tell you it's one product that works =)

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  1. this price is very expensive for me X_X
    i used silver color serum 3 years ago, to fight wif my panda dark circle, but i din feel the effect, n i stopped to use it.
    will try to use the gold color one if my eye gel is finished!
    thanks for ur sharing! =D