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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hair Bitch

Some of you know I'm dying to do something to my hair. The last time I went to the salon was on 27th january 2009. I have no idea how come I remembered that date so well. Maybe it's the pain of parting with RM290 in one shot XD;; This time however I'm willing to spend RM400-500 for cutting, styling, perm/rebond and highlights for a decent hairdo that can last me for the year just like my perm 8D Thinking of chopping my hair for a medium styled cut too just to have more choices.

The weekend was great as Jared popped by my workplace and we went for a movie after my shift. Watched Ninja and Jennifer's Body and both of them was just CRAP. We also went to San Francisco Coffee House just for some coffee and chatting over shit :3 ,haven't done that for a while and it was nice :3. Parking came up to RM16.50 damn he beat my record by RM1.50! 

Sunday was the Watsons workshop and again Watsons has disappointed me with more misleading information which won't be mentioned. Anyways, I went up to the Pyramid Convention Centre and I saw lots of people there @@ and FOOD too! With my endless sneezing and running nose, I could use some warm tea and food so I looked around and saw empty cups and plates waiting to be picked up and laid with food *o*. Feeling a bit shy, I just took a cup of tea to warm myself up. As I was sipping my tea, I looked around to check out the booths and most of them looks unfamiliar to me. The booths were selling expensive stuff like health supplements and blood pressure monitor. Sounds weird for a Watsons workshop doesn't it? Then I took a peek inside the hall and saw the banner' Caring Health Forum'. It then dawned to me that I was at the wrong convention @A@;; I found the workshop anyways, It was in the furthest hall @w@;; and it was a flop for a workshop that had a lot of publicity done.

By the way... I have yet to send out the samples sorry guys but here's why. In one of the sample packs, I'm giving away one of the My Beauty Diary Masks but I'm not sure if it's authentic as I've yet to try it. I purchased it cheaper than its cost price so chances of it being fake is very high. I googled on the masks and there are ways to detect fakes so I compared it to the ones I have.

Serial number --> 75% passed
Packing ---> Passed

The last test would be to open the packet and if the mask sheet is yellowish and has a funny smell, then it's a fake. I wanted to wait for my face to clear off before I test the mask on myself (damn acne) but there's more acne popping up. So today I ripped open the chocolate mask and am relieved to say the mask sheet is white and it does smell like chocolate =) Sorry for the wait yea guys.

My registration for the Clean Start launch has been confirmed and I got an invite for M.A.C's complimentary makeover of their latest range =D I guess the Shu Uemura could wait for another time, would most probably buy from their boutique as I'll be a member once I purchase RM250 and above. The cleansing oil is RM260 =D

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