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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Frus Oh Frus

Yesterdays hunt at Mid Valley was depressing. I didn't find the top hat or get any bargains >_< but at least I got my Vichy samples and drooled over a fabulous turquoise dress in Envee. Tomorrow I shall head to Zouk for Chic Pop bazaar then stop by Sungei Wang to repair my specs, go to Imbi and get my printer ink then join Jared at Times Square.

L'occitane's Members Event at Mid Valley. I was quite impressed that such a small booth was decorated nicely =D

Honestly I have no mood to blog since I don't have the camera and I'm darn pissed thanks to the bitch and son of a bitch D= Hope tomorrow is a better day.

Anyways here's a question for you girls/guys with beautiful looking skin. Comment on this entry and tell me your daily skin regime. Include the brand of product you guys use too :3. Example: Scrub/Cleanse ---> Toner ---> Mask/Moisturizer ---> (Any meds to control skin conditions)

Cleanser: ~H2o Oasis Cleansing Water
Mask: My Scheming Green Tea Mask
Moisturizer: Garnier Aqua Defense Moisturizing Essence
Meds: DalacinT for acne control

*huffs and rolls away*

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  1. Cleanser : Guardian's Witch Hazel
    Mask : Lancome Clay Mask
    Toner: Clearasil
    Moisteriser : same as yours! Along with the Sunscreen Garnier thingy on days I have to go court
    Meds: Dalacin T is the lurve.. been using it since I was in form 1! And Activa pimple cream (very very effective)

    Hey when are you suppose to come anyway... tak jadi wan.