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Friday, October 23, 2009

More Hauls

Samples from my Tuesday haul =D

I definitely try not to miss out on Bobbi Brown's makeover X3 cuz their makeup really looks natural on my skin, hiding most of my disastrous pimples at the same time. Really loved the mini makeover done by Nicole. The makeover only consists of the SA testing foundation shades on your face then handing you the sample but she added blusher and creamy lipstick on my face too! <3 

Before I left, dropped by Kiehl's to pick up a sample from the Sunflower range but they ran out so I asked for any shampoo suitable for damaged hair and they recommended me the Olive Fruit Oil range =D

The Tea Tree Facial Wash sample I got from The Body Shop is starting to show results <3 There's less redness around the areas with pimples :3 so chances of me buying the product is high plus I'll get a surprise gift if I bring back the sample jar <3


  1. Aiks forgot to add, I'm sending out the samples next week =D