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Friday, October 23, 2009

Mumbo Jumbo

To post back a reply on your own FB profile in response to mine shows that you ACKNOWLEDGE the fact that you did make a decision without my consent. It's just so disgusting how people don't bother to apologize for doing so. Heck one of them even LIED to be saying it's to separate the gangs. Apparently, after asking a few more people, I found out that this was to cut back the stress of the very person who lied to me. Ulterior motive right there. Instead of choosing to confront Erng Mei, the person that made you miserable, you choose to run to another group and make someone else's life miserable. Hope you rot in hell.

Please don't tell I'm benefiting from this change cuz as I see, the only person who's benefiting would be you. None of us, or to be more precise, I don't see any benefit joining C's group. To each group, their own cons. When people refer to C's group, I only see horrified and shocked expressions topped up with an OMG mouth and it's not the happy OMG I'm talking about. You've always referred E M as a liability followed by C, now you dump me in her group is the same as doubting that you have the confidence to make the best of the original group. I'm suspecting that you just don't wish to work with E M which made the changes. 

I'm not pissed at whatever the so called 'benefits' I'm getting. I'm pissed at the way you handle things. You decided having some secret meeting then breaking the news would be much better? Effective? Yes you got what YOU wan. Ethical? Fuck no. Grow up dammit.

You're disturbed by my swear words? Grow up cuz it'll be in your book once you step into the working field.

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