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Friday, October 23, 2009

Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Mask

Ignore the previous post as it was about my rambles off parents =(. Been annoying me for the past few weeks and it was the last straw this morning. At Sherry's request, I've decided to try and write my review about the Tea Tree Facial Mask from The Body Shop. So... *rummages for the sample* there we go.

Leave skin feeling deeply cleansed and refreshed with an instantly cooling mask that helps remove impurities and absorb excess oil while soothing and calming blemish-prone skin. Copypasta from their main site as usual.

Apply the green gook onto your dry and cleansed face. Since I wanted to see the long term effects of this mask (and because I'm a stingy bitch too!), I've only applied onto my T-zone and chin area which are acne prone spots. Use a brush for hygiene purposes. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and enjoy the cooling minty sensation~ The only plus point for using cream/clay masks instead of paper masks is that you can walk around doing your chores while paper masks pretty much confines you to your bed giving you the best 20 minutes nap ever.

Not much difference can be seen from the mask treatment other than the enjoyable treatment session. I can't vouch for the 'absorbing excess oil' statement as mentioned on the main site as their facial wash already did the trick. I'm still wondering whether clay masks are more cost effective than paper masks.

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