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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hard to blog without the camera D8 so much stuff I wanna tell. Previously I typed an emo post but decided not to post it since this blog is suppose to be about happy stuff~

Freebie Haul
Got my Anna Sui and RMK freebies. The makeup artist however is another story. Not really an experienced one =(. No makeup artist in my entire life has applied eyeshadow using their FINGERS >_>. I'm shocked honestly.

Watsons Visit
Dropped by Watsons and I'm happy to see that they've brought in the BRTC BB cream to the shelves. Good thing I didn't bother the buy the samples from LowYat XD;; The BB cream is very thick and gives my skin some sticky feel =(

Hand Cream Finds
Tried the infamous Crabtree hand therapy cream and not very happy about it. I'm looking for something that will absorb into the skin instead of making a protective layer around it cuz I'll be washing my hands often and don't wanna have the oily feeling. Prolly will look for some aloe vera gel.

and now I go nap before I go screech my lungs out. =D


  1. i dont agree.
    some of them do use the fingers for 1st layers like eyeshadow base or things that doesnt need to be too precise, OR of course to show you how to do at home with no tools.
    but most of the time the dont because u get dirty.

  2. He used all 3 eyeshadows colors on me with his fingers D8 *still shocked*