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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Progress Report

Noes!!! I haven't started studying and my friends are asking me stuff related to my subjects D: I've been Crunchyrolling, Youtubing and reading fan fictions the whole time =(. Damn I gotta pick the books tonight since tomorrow spending the time in Jogoya and then joining some study group on Thursday in which I can predict that I won't accomplish much.

Recommending you peeps to watch Mari and the 3 Puppies, Helen the Baby Fox and Quill the Guide Dog X3333. I'm a huge fan of animal movies XD. Oh don't forget to have a box of tissues beside you when you watch those movies especially Mari and the 3 Puppies. It's all available on Crunchyroll 8D.

Getting more gloomy lately zzzz eventhough I'm spazzing over the latest CG R2 and Shugo Chara goodness. The usual things are pissing me off. Yesterday got an unexpected call from someone asking me about my dissapearance. Truthfully, seperating myself from them was the best decision made so far. My emotions are much more stabilized and no amount of persuasion can get me to step back in there. I'm just sick of some childish, selfish, immature people in there. Based on the current situation, it's just best I just keep away.

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