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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Run Towards The Sunset!

I'll be grateful today that my mum allowed me to drive to college and there was parking right in front of the faculty. I'm not grateful for the 3 stomachaches that I got for the past 12 hours at different times. First one attacked at 11, second during exam and the third one's right now.

Exam today...... was a total flop! I answered practically bullshit that I never knew I had. To summarize the questions, question 1 was about New Zealand Natural I was drooling at the thought of their ice-creams and their Sugar Free Ice-cream. We're to create a print ad and discuss the branding strategies and differences compared to other brands. Second question required us to make a fashion campaign a success using licensing, celebrity endorsement, third-party sources, ingredient brand and I conveniently forgot the last one haha.

As I was doing my exam my thoughts wondered to the committee I volunteered to. How much I thought I could learn and add to my work experience since I'm highly interested in event management. Alas, I think the only thing I've seen so far is internal politics, quarrels, one sidedness and i-want-to-act-by-myself attitudes.

All I can do is hope for a good internship I suppose. I see that the uni has approached very nice companies *_* Naga, Saatchi, HotShoes, Berjaya. Damn I hope I can land in an event management or PR company *_* really enjoy going out and see people! Mum thinks I should've taken PR instead of Advertising but I have no confidence to enter PR, at least with Advertising, I can fall back on paperwork.

I know I've been complaining about being so frustrated and all but I think it's for my own good I remain pressured and frustrated till the end of next week T_T. My output is so much better when I'm cornered though it leaves me grumpy, unable to sleep and a heck load of pimples on my head but if it's good for my future I shall keep to it T^T I'm sorry guys!

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