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Friday, September 5, 2008

Out to Cram

Our purpose for today!

But instead~

See this miang face! lol

We were rotting at McD at the open air area since he wanted to use the plug. Johnny joined later on. Studied a bit but mostly was copying tips haha. Next was lunch and we passed the pet shop XD

Cute cute Basset Hound puppy >o< Yet when they grow old they REALLY look old D:

After lunch we shifted to:

Coffee Bean~

I bought Hot Chocolate and Zef got himself Banana Ice Blended then we took turns taking naps haha. Got my usual Chipsters, it's a must XD and I cut myself T^T Dang the blade is horribly sharp. Syok lagi can camwhore somemore haha. The pain only came much later. It's gonna be difficult to Alt+Tab now.

It just wouldn't stop bleeding D:

This morning I also hit my head on the bed frame too =_=;; Well I was halfway brushing teeth when I felt my head spinning till I don't know which is the sky or the ground, so I rushed to my bed since it's the nearest resting spot and I though I was about to hit something soft. Instead I hit the sharp edge of the bed and stumbled onto the floor =_=;; and was stupid enough to carry the toothbrush with me that time. So there was I on the floor with my head spinning, my toothbrush got thrown to god-knows-where and toothpaste on the floor in my room D: Now there's a blue-black line on my forehead and the swelling hasn't stopped yet.

Came across the NST article when I surfed.
”Why does it take up to two years (for the first trains to be usable)? The answer is simple - every train is made from scratch, it costs between US1 to 2 million each and not just anybody can make them,” Shaipudin briefed reporters at a post-budget press conference held at their office.

Takes 2 blardy years to make a train but less than a year for it to malfunction =_=.

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