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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wish the Sea is this Blue~

Summary of my trip.

Here's my Pledge of Love lol, that I shall find some decent men who aren't stupid,
love them for who they are,
and hopefully history won't repeat itself,
if that happens,
all I want next just to be a spinster in an apartment with 2 dogs.

Ate loads of nice stuff but the dessert counter is a big dissapointment =_=. They didn't have my favorite honeydew sago dessert. It's now filled with the small coconuts. A lot of cheese baked stuff, I tried the cheese baked crab meat and a hell lot of fish. Mum ordered the Alaska cod fish and it was huge O_O. Seriously, the sample portions they show... it's a trap! They're much more and can be shared among 2-3 people since we're talking about a buffet here!

The fried section taste as nasty as ever but thank gods I already knew it earlier. The alcohol section was a surprise and I downed a few glasses until I realized 'crap.. I'm driving and I feel funny now... Oh well, fuck you!' lol and washed the rest down with a pot of Jasmine Green Tea. I've actually planned to attack the dessert section but looking at the cakes... zzzzz it looks overly sweet and not tasty D: and true enough even the cheesecake I make tastes better and I'm a noob.

The staff at the alcohol section needed a bitchslap =A=
Me: Excuse me, what's this?
Staff: Alcohol
Me: Yes, I'm quite aware of that... what else is in there?
Omg wtf dun treat me like a kid! zzzzz I wasn't even wearing anything kiddish. It was a blue swirly toga dress and my hair was neatly piled up and clamped with a jawclip grrr. Okay it's late and I need to have enough sleep for today's group study session.

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  1. *Pats* Some people are just anal like that.

    Where did you eat again, dear?