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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You want it, DIY, Bitch

SPD was not as scary as I thought. Only setback was having a damn uncomfortable stomach the whole day. After the paper, we headed to Izzi since someone demanded me for food instead of a sex shirt. Somehow the valet parking service is gone so parked at Pavilion instead. Bloody expensive I gotta say =( RM3 for the first hour and RM2 for the next subsequent hour.

The food quality in Izzi has dropped =_= I'd give their main courses and appetizers a 3 now, dessert a 6 out of 10. My mushroom soup was between warm and cold, lasagna sauce tasted like they dumped a can of tomato puree on it, the whole thing was mushy and tasteless. The chocolate dome was satisfactory I suppose but I find the biscuit part was kinda stale.

Rest of the day spent by crapping, guess it was a bit odd combining friends from different social groups but not as bad as I thought =D Been through worse ones.

All of a sudden I'm starting to loves flutes x_X. Feel like buying one and learn by myself haha. First was a violin because it was cheap but after thinking... It's difficult to learn and high maintenance =(, occupies space too T^T so baibai. Checked for flutes and they cost a bomb D8 Ah well will see how far this obsession can go x_X

Bitch started making a fuss about me not cutting the fruit. I'm having a blardy stomach ache and all she cares is filling her damn stomach. It pretty much shows that:

  • She's a lazy bitch

  • My brother or the rest of the assholes can't help do my chores once in a while

  • or they're too stupid to do cuz SHE NEVER EDUCATES HIM TO DO IT

You're an asshole you know that, and you'll forever be one.

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