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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dating and Lazing

Addicted to Shugo Chara dating sim. I'm so glad I learned a bit of Japanese T^Tb. Currently I've got Tadase and Kukai but didn't manage to collect all the special moments. The only completed one is Kukai =_=;;; the fella likes almost everything I give him whereas Tadase is more picky... he's more to books and flowers. Ikuto is at 87%, 13% more and he'll confess to me Amu~

Pets are just awesome x_X My dream is to have 2 dogs running around in my apartment and a pair of chinchillas too ;_; Dream on..... T^T

Getting excited as I comb through the pictures of Danga Bay *o* Beautiful place for photoshoot and there's a petting zoo!! There's also a few pet stores worth stopping by to check out and molest XD Hopefully can get good stuff from the street market.

All this talk about enjoying myself when exams are less than a week away T__T

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