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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trolling Out For The Week

Sales are making me uber broke DX. Thank gods for my pay that comes in at the end of each week. On Friday, I'll be heading out to check 3 sales orz. What I hope to do on Friday...

  • Check Bonita sale at Shamelin

  • Loreal sale at BB for hair mask, shampoo and face wash

  • Bank in cheque!

  • Fashion apparel sale of brands such as Marks & Spencer, Next and TopShop at Ampang

  • Threading at Brickfields, my brows are crazy

  • Buy cancan so that tailor can measure my costume

Work was ok, I desperately need an MP3 player that can last for 7 hours though *grabs her NDS* This is the part where I'm grateful no one has made a splendid offer yet haha. NDS can last for 10 hours playing music the last I tried whereas my MP3 player can only last for a measly 2 hours. Made 2 new friends immediately, Sheryl, a coursemate of mine and Jonathan a final year student at HELP majoring in the obvious, Psychology orz.

Puasa is good, cuz there will be baazars at every corner haha. The Metrobus that always stank of pee smells of curry, laksa and cakes this time. Easy for me to get warm dinner before going back too.

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