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Monday, September 15, 2008

To The Dentist

Now my mouth is so numb, it's a good chance to slap me lol. I just came back from an extraction and the visit was as amusing as ever. First they swabbed some Strawberry alcohol (wtf...) on my gums, next came the shiny needle DX Wasn't as painful as I thought despite the hearing from people's experiences and stories but the syringe is so friggin scary. Then some male dentist came by and took one of the sharp objects and clawed my teeth asking me "sakit tak? sakit tak? muahahaha!" DDDDD: Of course I didn't feel a thing but hay! I was watching from the mirror above me man!

Finally it was time for the extraction D:. She kept using different plyers to extract the teeth, each getting bigger than the last orz. I didn't cry throughout the whole procedure T^T banzai~ Tried to go home using the SPRINT highway out of curiousity, had to go through 3 tolls but it's a much smoother journey. On the way, the gauze couldn't hold anymore blood and the rest started dripping from my mouth orz, no wonder the motorcyclist was giving me a funny look but I only realized after I felt liquid on my shirt. I took a glance at the mirror and gosh I look like some blood-thirsty vampire OTL. Drunk one-hand driving for the rest of the way. The seatbelt is bloody now..... will clean it later x_X

Teeth's getting slightly itchy now x_X Waiting for the anaesthetic to wear off so that I can munch pork noodles.

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