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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Biggest Hurdle

Buka Puasa~!

I'm just too happy that Comm Theories is over haha. My eyes are exhausted due to the lack of sleep and driving in the terrible jam. Been ages since I felt such pressure from studies. I sat in front of my laptop from 2pm yesterday to digest the reports. Each report took me 4 hours to read and make sense of whatever rubbish it contained orz. It's such a relief that I was able to answer the questions =D

Celebrated the end of the horror by having a short meal at Old Town Kopitiam with Sylvene and Jin. The Genting trip came up, am very tempted in joining 8D just not very keen on the theme park. After that, rushed to Sunway and crashed at Daniel's place. Started to feel tired that time but I really wanna pig out to celebrate haha. Lunch at TGI Fridays was awesome 8D and starting to be curious on how TGI staff work, seems like a fun environment.

Manage to catch up on CG and Frontier and starting to love Nunnally back again *w*. His cat stopped by to say bye to me as I was about to leave XD had to leave early to pick dad from some rich area in PJ. Found the area but unfortunately didn't avoid the massive jam in time TAT. Mental note: Jam starts at 5 on both sides! It took me 1 1/2 hours to reach home from PJ!

I'm now at home, out from a warm bath, bloated with cake, fully refreshed to read more manga! So excuse me! haha!

P.S Oops forgot to tell about the cat =D I bumped into it as I was walking to the lift. The fella was lazing around so I tempted it with some TGI fries. Well I got its attention but it seemed to be more interested in the economic rice >_>;; It knows...... there's fish in there! And it tried to bite the box open!

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