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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tiny Bits of Rubbish

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and if there's any day I don't feel suicidal, today is definitely not the day. The internetz is doing such a good job in rubbing it into my face haha.

That ugly feeling is back again. I'm starting to feel like someone's strangling me when I'm sleeping so I'll end up tossing and turning for hours until my minds is tired of staying awake. Had one of those silly dreams too *sigh* and I always thought it was because I can't stand the cold =.=;; My state of mind is in total chaos *facepalms*

Someone's making a big fuss about me blocking him. Ranting how I said I wished to remain as friends but blocked him and treat him like a stalker. When I meant staying as friends I meant keeping our connections civil. You must be absolutely blind if you think we're getting a long quite well. Every chat with you always ends up with me being frustrated. We have so many disagreements that it's just not possible to have a decent conversation =_= This is just my way of keeping the peace between us. Don't like it? Your loss. Sides, you aren't the only one I blocked of my list so stop being such a baby over it.

My reason for blocking a hell lot of people? Me and the people I'm not fond with are mixing in the same circle. I'm no longer comfortable with this and I don't appreciate people coming up to me and go "Hey, I saw your ex bla bla" Inconsiderate asses.... can't be blamed since they don't know the real story but I wish I could just strangle the bastard for just sweeping things under the rug.

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