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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Short Lived Freedom!

My car is turning into a second house haha. I tossed my shoes to the back this morning before starting the engine since slippers aren't allowed in the exam hall. Exam thankfully was a breeze (sorta). Lecturer told us exactly what's coming out only I took him half seriously =.=

After exam, it was 10 minutes of screaming 'freedom' then rush to meet up with Shaun, Ashlyn and Daniel for a trip to Pulau Ketam~ =D Due to some delays, we only reached there at 3pm orz. From here I'll let the pictures do some of the talking for me.

Port Klang KTM, I was jakunning over those 2 things that stop people from crossing the tracks when a train passes by.

Lots of people on the boat >w<

This darling dog helped herself over our leftovers of prawn heads XD Very obedient girl <3

We had an awesome meal of Buttered Fried Prawns, Sweet and Sour Crab, Claypot Curry Fish, some lala cooked with ginger and Kailan for the heck of having a balanced meal =D The guys were abused as our DBKL as usual but one of them forgot to bring his extra tank =w=;;

Banzai~ our biggest DBKL =D

After our lunch, we took a walk to burn some calories while reminiscing the old times. Ashlyn bought some marbles and Shaun went on a hat frenzy haha. We bought the iced flavoured lollies in plastic wraps that used to cost 20 cents back in out school days. Cheap yet refreshing on a hot sunny day 8D. My iced lolly ended up being eaten by the turtles orz cuz I accidentally dropped mine in a pool filled with those amphibians.

His way of thinking which hat to pick haha

Pulau Ketam has definitely gone through some great changes =D

We spotted some small colourful tiny crabs unfortunately my pictures are uber blur =( Here are the last few shots before I hit the sack from exhaustion!

Ah Poh face ><

KTM Funz~

Mum called later on dragging me to see her friend's new house then it was another huge meal, dinner DX. Her friend decided to treat us so we called dishes. You can imagine how bloated am I right now D8 and all the guilt I'm feeling for eating so much. There was a nice cat there too <3 I've molested a total of 5 cats today <3

CAAAAAAAAAT <33333 such beautiful eyes <3 seriously it took me a while to get her to look up long enough D:

I think some of you might be wondering now.... 'WTF WHERE'S THE FOOD PICS MAN! I AIN'T INTERESTED ABOUT THE ANIMALS YOU MOLESTED!' Sorry D8 the food charmed us to eat them and by the time we woke up from the spell, half of the food was gone D: Prolly will get the remaining pictures from Ashlyn. Sorry for the bad quality pics on my blog. It's only a 1.3 megapixel cameraphone afterall =( I'll end this entry with a paparazzi pic :P


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  1. LOLX!!!! biggest DBKL hahahaha
    yeah i ate alot man...:D
    Really had alot of fun :D...