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Sunday, September 7, 2008

I can't find the pressure button!

Exam is less than 2 days away and I'm not panicking orz. Was playing Sigma Harmonics earlier and manage to go to stage 2 by using GameFAQ =w=;; I can hardly understand a thing on that game orz. I tried playing Chi's Sweet Home DS too but it was boring.

Then browsed thru LYN forum and found a job that can keep me occupied for my whole semester holiday. The job pays RM50 a day and it's 10-6. Basically we just travel around and decorate some stall according to the client's preference. Problem is, gotta be at Sunway by 10 D8 but the good thing is we can travel all the way to PD just to hang some banner haha. I guess I can take it as a back up job if I can't find any better jobs.

The place just seems like a screwed old junk house now. You don't need to buy tickets, there's always the backdoor! Even if they have good bouncers, just butter them up and that's it. Someone really needs to tear that place apart and start back with a strong foundation.

The pathetic bitch continues to pamper the bastard. I don't mind but when I become the damn victim, I DO mind!

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