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Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank You Pressies

Dad just came home from an Indian wedding and he gave me the thank you gifts haha. I find it unique since I've never seen gifts from Indian Weddings. For Malays they normally give some plastic flower with an egg or sweets attached to it @w@ but this is new.

It's a cute box courtesy from Hotel Istana =D

And inside contains~ *drumrolls*

Heart-shaped chocolates~ <3

Will eat them tomorrow *o* cuz I gotta get enough rest for my first day of work! =D Updated my wishlist too @o@, added Chicken Soup series in there <3. Now I shall continue to read my collection of sadist books lol.

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  1. LOL, a lot of weddings are now having the thank you gifts as a sort of bribe. :D Chocolates are a popular option. I remember taking home the extra chocolates when I went to my colleague's wedding last year. :D