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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Unwanted Visitors In The Early Wee Hours

Some group leader we're having *snorts* Here's how the work was divided.
K (L) - Overseeing work, WPD (written), Comm Law
EM - Comm Law
J - WPD (written), Comm Law, Animation
ZS - Animation, WPD, Comm Law

Is it me or do I see the shitty work not distributed evenly. It saddens me that 2 of my group members (1 of the particularly) gives no shit to learn the software required for the 2 subjects. The work was pretty much auto-dumped to the other 2 because 'they dunno how to use the software'.

So much jack shit.... which brings me to rage about a user who posted a useless, derogatory comment on such a beautiful album in my FB. The post was unnecessary and it's something that you could bring on MSN instead of leaving that unpleasant mark on FB. It's like noobs chatting on the CF forum when chatting on MSN could've been much easier. Difference is, I get to wipe out the comment. I was cheesed off and when I told him, that fucking chicken said 'oh you sound mad, talk to you later'. Duh I'm mad but is evading the situation gonna help?! I would've just been happy with a 'I'm sorry' and he can continue to ignore my pissy self for the rest of the day. The nerve =_=

Had a really bad start for today. First woke up late and had a roach encounter in the bathroom when I went to wash up. I was half laughing and crying when I knocked on the room of my parents' door =( It's sad how scared am I of a roach. Yes I was knocking on their room, pleading my dad to smack the roach at 6.30 in the morning =(. I think my mum refuses to admit that we have a roach problem. 6-7 roaches in the house in the past 2-3 months.

They probably don't realize but I remember every single roach that made any public appearance in the house. It's a lot compared to the time we were staying in those bandaraya flats. Roaches do appear but only 3-4 a year unless the workers pop by the neighborhood and spray the mosquito insecticide but hell I think you get where I'm going now >w<. Bandaraya flats is one of the dirtiest and smelliest areas to live in and we only get 3-4 roaches a year but my current house which is vaccumed, mopped and dusted weekly is getting what I consider very frequent visits from those unwanted guests. I'm very scared =( There's never been a day when I don't hope for a roach on my floor/bed when I wake up and switch on the lights.

I saw a very pretty cat 8D;;

It has the most beautiful sad looking face @@;;

After class, I went shopping with Sylvene at KLCC. Found some really nice deals in Isetan, can't say the same for Parkson. Then we went to the boutiques like Topshop, MNG and Zara to continue our hunting.

Glow-in-the-dark pantsu! =D Most interesting item for the day >3<

Verdict: I didn't buy anything woohoo~ Good me XP

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