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Friday, July 3, 2009

There's Just No Maturity Left

The previous post is now secured for safety purposes. Ask me for the password if you're interested but don't be sad if I say no.

After the 'civil debate' I had with one of my other classmates, I decided to say sorry to A. The very next day (today morning) I woke up and typed my apology for not informing that I was gonna be absent from the presentation. I also said that I'm not sorry for backstabbing her.

It's how she perceives and handles the matter by herself. There's a very fine fucking line between backstabbing and complaining about a person =_=

Guess what she replied?

You are obviously insincere and unsatisfied bout having to apologize. Let's just cut the act and save the drama. You don step on my tail, I won't step on yours. We only communicate when needed. Other than that, lets not bother.

No shit, fucktard it's obviously insincere cuz my mother woke me up in the morning and forced me to sms the message otherwise she won't leave and let me sleep in peace. Grow up la stupid woman. Insincere would just be one fucking word in that text which is 'sorry'. Insincere would mean I won't fucking care to rationalize and talk to Kelvin about my actions towards you both. The irony of it all is we DO only communicate when needed in the first place. Really, I'm rolling around laughing my ass right now.

Insincere??? INSINCERE??? Please la, I'm the one who's taking the first step of admitting my faults and she hasn't even admitted hers. Only thing she's been doing is to call me names and keeping her nose up in the air playing hard to get. She still has yet to apologize for not informing me of her works progress and has been hitting on my faults (in which I have already admitted). Here I am with a super long text apology and she only turned her face away.

My reply..

If I'm not sincere, I wouldn't have had that very long discussion with Kelvin and made amends with WMun in his presence. It's only you left. I'm already here apologizing for not playing my role as a team member and if that's not called sincere then so be it. It's up to you if you wanna play hard to get but I know I've already said the words that are difficult to say and I'm already making the first step here which is to apologize the first thing I woke up.

Grow up la you stupid child. Even children can make up after one simple word, why can't you.

Why such childishness can occur in a damn university is beyond my understanding.

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