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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grad Prep

Photo taking session is on this Friday so me and Sylvene went to Nichii Fashion City, Fraser Business Park to hunt for white collared blouses (requirement for the photo taking session)

Tall, tall heels! *O* *swoons*

Argh my hips look big but I love how the blouse hugs my figure, there's a ribbon behind the adjust =D. My problem when trying the blouses is... while it fits nicely around my body, it's bursting at the bust D8. But if I take a size bigger, it'll look loose on me ;_;

I love this salmon pink (they call it orange D8) dress or top lol. Suppose to be a top but I can make it into a mini dress. Sadly it's not something I'm looking for in my list.

This was too good to pass up haha. She gave her card to the cashier and drifted to the shades section. Halfway trying on, the cashier said her card was denied and she went back to the cashier with those shades >o<;; It looked like she was about to pay and walk out with those shades (with the tag on). It just seemed shit funny that I burst into peals of laughter >o<;; Sorry Sylvene HAHAHAHA

I must save for the cute nightie I saw at PaperDoll, Tropicana Mall T_T;; I know I won't wear it often but it's too cute to pass up! It's time like this girls aren't very smart @@. You see something you like, it's shit expensive and you know you'll wear it less than 10 times in your life but you just HAVE to buy it.... and by the end of the year (or much much later) who knows, you'll find it among the stacks of second hand clothes, donated by me XD;;

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