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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kendra Spam and More!

IT'S NOW MINEEEEE!!!! Watson was having the promo from 23 July - 27 July, it's only RM26.90 (NP: RM33.90) Good bargain! I was tempted to gamble my luck incase they give it to me in their goodie bags during their consumer panel session.

Backlogging session. These are photos from Sunday onwards.

Went to meet Kendra again and gawked at the room somemore >w<;; She brings joy wherever she goes XD;; even the bank manager was more interested in the dog than her business between the her and the owner rofl. Some of the Malay adults and practically almost all the children wanna pet Kendra XD

A room with an awesome bathtub...

And this looks like a super single bed with BIG pillows XD

Nice doggy~ I manage to pet the fella XD Stinks though x_X

Cat of the day. This one looks evil @@;;

Took our graduation pics today. Wasn't in the formal group picture but it's no loss at all =D Sad that our class auntie spoiled the mood.

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