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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Meeting Kendra

My day started with an unknown call which was actually the postman with my dress lol. Amazing, he called my number with his handphone before ringing my doorbell XD;; My dress arrived in a BOX *_* with invoice and all. Thumbs up to VavaVoom~ For those who know, it's the mini gray dress I showed you guys =D Then it's wash up and rush to work!

Her buns are a horror but I look so cute in pigtails *_* No I'm not being vain lol, it's an honest comment to myself XD I pretty much hated it when the fella said 'Don't smile too much, Chun-Li takde braces' Argh I feel so discriminated T_T it just made me feel so down for the rest of the day grr. I totally felt like quitting on the spot. The job itself was just so difficult D8.

  1. It was hard to get into the spirit of the game since I'm not a gamer myself

  2. I was just so conscious about my braces the whole day T_T;;

  3. Tolerating random men going 'Chun-Li~, Chun-Li~~' while I pass by. It ain't a joke when over 30 guys said that while you make your way to the ladies.

After work, rushed to Hilton Hotel, KL to visit Kendra. Many thanks to Jared to dropping me there >w<

Le Meridian looks like a club from here @@

Meet Kendra, the first guide dog in Singapore/Malaysia =D She's a Labrador

The hotel room is just awesome TwT It's an executive suite located on the 33rd floor. The first thing I saw the bathroom, it occured to me.. 'omg, your roommate can watch you shower D8' Okay thank god there's a sliding door lolz.

Hilton Hotel really gave one heck of a welcoming to Kendra. Everyone was just to interested in her and showered her with lots of petting =D. The hotel gave her a complimentary chew bone and a bag of dog food @@;;

Big ass TV and 2 bottles of spring water with the tag written 'This item is chargeable' wtf

Had the chance to mess with the MacBook Pro to change in between OS systems and check out the new stuff they have. Goodness, my iBook is HORRIBLY outdated XD

Guests on the executive floor have their own lounge which is on the same floor as well. All food and drinks are free! (Alcoholic drinks included >D) See Kendra there? <333 The food spread there is AWESOME.



Cheese section 8D;; There was blue cheese, brie and a hell lot more unknown cheeses

Oh, and Kendra loves eating carrots, cabbages and apples haha

Might see her again tomorrow~~~ *floats*

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