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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Randome Garble

Shieldtox and Ridsect! You are blessings in my life!!! \T_T/

Monday was Krispy Kreme's birthday~ Happy belated bithday Krispy~~~

I celebrated by eating you~~

Tuesday, a day road trip to Melaka with my darling and extra luggage (parents) :D Had to make a little detour to my brother's school to collect his report card. I'm just so amused that his female classmates find Jared cute XD;;; I swear those white hairs of his went into hiding among the black hairs on his head! *flees*

Stopped at SMK Padang Temu to deliver some books and they have this epic room name XD

Parked in front of some manly statue to visit Jonker Street. I have to say... he looks like a huge fat disgusting raisin with the lines there...

Yeah I went all the way to Melaka to bring back silly pics! XDI brought back souvenirs for you guys too :3

Melaka cat pics!!! *gets smacked*

My cosplay progress is still at 0% DX and I'm already thinking of my future plans wtf. Looking at Kooh, Idolm@ster or Pia Carrot *w* and finish my BRS TwT. Utau is on hold till I can get a decent wig for her D8

I half wish I had sewing skills =D;;

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