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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Soba Craze Over

Finally cooked the soba. I served it in 2 bowls. 1 for hot and one for cold depending on my family's preference. Added dried seaweed instead of the crispy nori (I cheapskate!) into the soba and it turned out splendid~ Will cook the rest for tonight before I forget all about the soba and it expires DX. Now to find what I can do with the whole lot of dried seaweed *stares*. It's a small pack but one pinch and the whole surface of my soba pot turned black =.=;;. Since my oven is fixed, I'm damn tempted to remake the choc chip cookies since they failed the last time TwT.

....weird that I'm actually starting to cook and bake *headwalls*

Trolling the blogspots like mad to hunt for the chiffon tunic dress that I've set my eyes on a few days ago but I couldn't find it! *curses* It's annoying and I have over 100 blogshops on my list D8. The good thing is, since I couldn't find it, I was trying to match my wadrobe and found something good so yeah I save money!

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