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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Days Where No Black Cloud Hovers Over

I'm still not done squeezing out my frustrations about that woman but wtheck. I had a great weekend and that should deserve more light~ :3

Friday, went to Kissaten with King and Sylvene to treat ourselves since it's been ages we've eaten at Jaya One.

Sylvene's Salmon Steak Spaghetti. Didn't really like the taste of the salmon cuz too fishy for my taste x_X. Rather like it raw =D

My Katsu Chicken Curry Rice. Didn't like the texture of the meat. Just like King suspects, it's most likely 'siew yoke'. Curry is just meh... honestly, I didn't really enjoy it. I'd rather go on a struggle with KFC's chicken that this D8.

King's Mocha. Arrived in 3 layers accompanied with an adorable cup of sugar syrup <3. The taste is pretty diluted and for RM10.90 not inclusive of the 15% tax... gods it just ain't worth! Starbucks just seems so worth it now!

Pics credit to Sylvene's phone. For a place with poor service and staff that can't understand simple English not to mention the poor food quality.... it's not a place that I would like to visit for a loooong time.

Saturday was Audrey's birthday and we got her gifts at the very last minute and wrapped it with out awesome lazy methods. She deserves a bonk for opening it while we weren't around >__>.

The whole geng :D

And epic picture lol. Guess the owner of those hands XD;;

Now to finish my sketches T_T. Gosh I hate them with such a passion. Thinking of keeping soba noodles in the house instead of having instant noodles all the time when I'm hungry in the middle of the night. My cravings are just crazy....

....lemme watch a movie first... *scoots away*

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