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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Three Cheers~

Another thing about Melaka I forgot to mention... is how much I hate Melaka roads D8 especially in town. Wtf most of them are one way streets. The map doesn't help either >3< since KL main roads are 2 ways. Damn frustrating trying to find our way around D8.

My Mac is home and it's been upgraded to 160gb from 30gb lol. It's a big leap I know but that's the smallest hard disk available >o< and the price ain't bad too, RM160 for 160gb so wtheck not :D It shall be my movie pc 8D cuz my Fujitsu doesn't have much space TwT

Mum was introducing this Plug In Pest Free thing that makes roaches and rats all confused. Sounds promising but I'm not keen for the work in progress stage >_<. Think I've been squealing in the house to often di >3<;; 4-5 roach attacks this year is considered a lot for me @@;;. Here's part of their FAQ:

Q: How does PEST FREE work?
A: PEST FREE alters the electromagnetic pulse through the electrical wiring in your home / premise. The pulse disturbs the natural eating and breeding cycle of mice, rats and cockroaches. This drives them out of their hiding places where they have previously been safe from chemical sprays.

I want them dead, DEAD, DEAD! >A<

Q: How will I know PEST FREE is affecting the pests?
A: As early as 24 hours, you may start to see a change or increase in pests activity and a higher than normal number of pests.
PEST FREE disorientates the pests and they become easier to catch. They would want to leave the PEST FREE protected area as soon as possible.

...*gulps* I'm not too happy with the thought of having roaches going berserk suddenly T_T;;

Q: How long does PEST FREE take to rid of pests from your premise?
A: Usually, after 4-6 weeks, these pests will be cleaned out. However, this depends on the cleanliness and level of infestation of your premise and its surrounding areas. Some bad infestation cases may take up to 3 months or more. Adequate number of PEST FREE units installed in your premise is also necessary for a good result..

Dammit that's too long! >A< I'd rather put the plug it in each room but it's RM270 each ;_; Will check out their booth during the Modern Home and Living Fair 09 at MidValley this Saturday. Good timing too so I can raid roadshows and check out The Body Shop, Crabtree & Evelyn and L'occitane for my stuffs X3

Have a cat picha~ which is totally unrelated to todays entry but who cares T_T;; This is a nice bulat thing~ <3

Gotta sleep to prepare for WAR!

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