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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stupid People With Horrible Work Ethics

Sounds familiar?

Nah I'm talking about a she this time. I was grouped together with A and B for a small presentation. None of us remembered until I informed them on the day before the presentation. A gave an excuse that she shifted house and doesn't have online access so I told her to fnd a way to go online and give me a rough time. This all happened in the afternoon. 8pm she sms-ed saying she's on9. Gosh she could've told me to come online at night instead of having me on my toes for 8 bloody hours.

Then came the time to do the assignment. She barely replied me and went poof offline all of a sudden. Here am I alone and assignment is due by 5am (the time i have to wake up) so I started doing the assignment. At 2am, B msged me about the assignment. Again, I am pissed cuz it's 3 hours before I print the bloody thing and now only she asks me.
Me: What if I say I didn't do anything at all....
B: hahaha I believe in you la

...ridiculous poor answer and I was pissed at both of their attitudes so I ranted to her about A (big mistake here) then let her summarize a few points and elaborate on a few more then went for the 1 hour nap. Morning, I made the decision to ffk the presentation cuz I was sick and tired of this and the last thing I wanna do is look at their faces.

Afternoon, the fire came. Note these all happened in messages.

A: If you have a problem say it to my face. Don't backstab me bla bla bla
Me: I was merely finding a way to vent my frustration. I asked you to come on9, you could've at least given me a rough time or even TELL ME you'll come online. You came online then you disappeared without even sms-ing me or calling me to follow-up on the assignment

Well in short she kept calling me names and said I'm no better than her (honestly I feel like I'm arguing with a school kid), I justified saying at least I handed the work instead of a blank piece of paper. Me ffk-ing the presentation was intentional and I'm half-satisfied that's they're pissed. Now they know how pissed I feel =_=. Well she wants to leave the argument hanging, let the little kid be. It's amusing how she's losing her marbles with each sms.

The paling pwned statement is when she sms-ed me saying she already submitted hers instead and told me off that I wasn't the only one doing it. Genius, if she had said that in the very first place on the night she went suddenly poof, none of this would've happened. No bloody fucking sense to inform people.


I was super pissed but now I'm highly amused and find her angry smses humorous. Now I gotta practice my puppy eyes on the lecturer saying it there was internal conflict and this was all due to poor communication and teamwork.

Honestly I do admit some of this is my fault but heck worth it. Some couldn't stand her and have ranted about her for the past 3 years. So happens I ranted to the wrong person. She made such a big hoo haa as though she recently knew ppl DO backstab her =.=; Hello~ it's college! Everyone just backstabs!

I didn't bother confronting her yet since I still wasn't calm in the morning and when I'm not calm, I lose my sense of reasoning and rationale. So really... there's no point confronting if I'm pissed. Too bad she found out earlier =D

After War

With 3 people backstabbing me back, I approached one of them who isn't in the fire and we had a civil debate. I'm still disagreeing on the fact that I have to mother group mates and ask them if they can undertsand my work. For gods sake we're all university students in our adulthood, if anything, THEY should be voicing their concerns for not understanding anything. No bloody teacher gonna ask you if you understand their teachings, if they did, it's typical for the student to shuddup and ask during the final moments.

There's no point going hoo haa at people backstabbing you. It happens and it ain't going away. You just gotta be matured and handle it yourself. Best method, ignore unless the person is clearly showing it. Other than that, as long as they're civil, all's good. Backstabbing just happens if people are frustrated and need to vent =.=

Overall the whole team is at fault. We had poor communication, no discussion and last minute crap. No elected team leader to oversee progress on the work.

Apologies exchanged and accepted.

Case Closed. Damn I feel so grown up.

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